Tuesday, February 23, 2010

wed topics: Feb 24th

wed topics: Feb 24th 10 pm -
1) group sex, Ménage à trois , swingers - ( would u & have u ever?, any personal stories, can it help or hurt a relationship, how far r u willing 2 go?)

2) "sex on the 1st date"???

11:30-12pm - vent sessions!!!!!!!!!!

call in 10 pm est - (347) 850-8582 hit 1 to go live on air.


Durty Truth Show #7

weds Feb 24th panel member is Jessica:
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

We are looking for a new FEMALE panel member on the durty truth Show. if your available Weds nights 10pm - 12 est and willing to keep it real , and discuss any and all topics .... send us a email (lexxxluther1@gmail.com) or comment on this post or any of our pages stating your interested.........


Monday, February 15, 2010

Durty Truth Show - Wed 17th

1) Long distance relationships
2) dating with kids
3) Vent session 11:30 - 12 (get whatever off your chest)

It’s a raw, funny, 100% honest an advice show and our goal is to laugh and learn from different people and different points of view..
weds nights listen and call in(347) 850-8582....
let your opinion be heard!!!!!!!!!!

Download and listen here: (dating with kids topic got heated )
Durty Truth Show # 6


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wed- Feb 10th


1) Interracial dating
2) Good guys and girls vs bad ones who do u prefer?
3) Valentines day stories (good or bad)
4) On air Vent - 11:30-11:45 pm est

on air vent rules for callers are:
1)You can say anything u want even if its not show related
2) No names of people or business
3) So if somebody pissed u off, had a bad day at work, just need 2 get something off your chest .... air it out here and call in.

Download the show here:
The Durty Truth Show #5


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wed - Feb 3rd- 2010- Show #4

weds show topics:

1) love vs lust
2) can men and women just be friends???
3) is dating while unemployed different for men and women ???
4) interracial dating

The Duty Truth Show #4


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