Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17th -Should prostitution be legalized?

Should prostitution be legalized? If so, would it bring the statistics of rape down?

how did the pimp/hoe era effect us now & different forms of
prostitution (ex. video hoe, phone sex operator)

difference between the glorification of pimps in movies compared to how they are in real life

Should women be viewed as sex objects as much as they are now?

why do some women continue to stay in this profession when the haft 2 worry about getting killed/raped

US prostitution laws on the internet are they 2 strict or just right?

This plus more.... call in and let your opinion be heard
Durty Truth Show tonight @ 10 pm !!!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

lim Thug Back Tracks On His Controversial Comments On The Black Woman

Slim Thug hit up Big Tigger's WPGC 95.5 Morning Show in D.C. yesterday to back track on his recent controversial comments in VIBE about black women mainly being gold diggers and needing to lower their standards, white women, and black men.

After TwitThuggin' about how much he stands by his words and anyone who disagrees can suck a sick d**k, the rapper now implies that his comments with the mag were "taken out of context". Audio and such when you read on...


Slim Thug Discusses Vibe Blog w/Big Tigger Morning Show from DJ Heat on Vimeo.


June 9 2010 - Slim Thugs Vibe Comments

Do you feel slim thugs Vibe comments were right or wrong?
Is the media picking on black women?
How did we get 2 this point ?????

...This plus more.... call in and let your opinion be heard
Durty Truth Show tonight @ 10 pm !!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Durty Truth Show - June 2nd weds @ 10 pm est

1) If you heard last weeks durty truth show (sorry you couldn't hear me do 2 tech difficulties ) you know "Stanley" had a few issues getting women so next show our special guest Master Pick up artist - BRAVO will be on the show giving tips and answering your questions .... feel free to call in and be part of the show Weds @10pm call in: 347-850-8582

2) Privacy in your relationship - should your girlfriend/boyfriend be allowed to go thru your phone and emails without you knowing?


Durty Truth Show - May 26th weds @ 10 pm

The most realest, honest show is back for another Wednesday night. If
you're light in the ass, can't take the truth, BE WARNED BEFORE LISTENING!!!
Come check us out Weds at 10 @
or call in at 347-850-8582.

Tonight's show is promised to be heated. Come check us out!

1) From a mans perspective - what is and is not lady like and how we view different types of
women (by the way women dress, act etc..) (with special guest motivational speaker, self published author Kenya NiBlack)

2) We will address the Ms Billie comments (call in and let your opinion be heard)...

3) Abortion - pro or against????

4) Find out what going on with "most wanted" (he is ready to tell it all)

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