Thursday, May 27, 2010

parents vs your lover - Find out what happened with mike and his girl

download the show here:

1) Find out what happened with mike and his ex who called in the last show

2) when your parents dont like your mate

3)crazy/ controversial azz Ms billie (life of the show)

4) find out who was reviled in the after party


relationship boundaries (what are yours)

download the show here:

relationship boundaries - ( dancing with others, strip clubs, flirting gifts, going 2 eat with others, phone calls & texts, fb)

what is the biggest/most difficult/unselfish thing you did to maintain, save, or establish a relationship.

advice session last 30 mins and maybe into the after party... anybody and everybody call in with any of your problems and we will give you a...ll our perspective and the best advice we can give!!!!!!! (baby mama /daddy drama
, how to get a girl/guy you want, why is she /he...acting like this, how do you spice up your relationship etc........ we will address everything)


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