Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Artist : T Fox - The Great Junction


TFox was born into the music scene. His mother sang for a popular northern Virginia R&B band, which his father managed. The band practiced in the family's basement, and TFox learned to play the drums before he learned to read or write. TFox -- Travis Fox -- began filling in on drums during practice sessions when he was in grade school. He taught himself to play keyboards and lead and bass guitar. His father brought home a used four-track recorder when TFox was in high school. And the all-night recording sessions began. Listening to Stevie Wonder, Prince, and (his fathers favorite) Maze featuring Frankie Beverly gave TFox different aspects of the music spectrum. In college, TFox explored music even more, listening to Ben Folds Five, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and the Beatles. Also, a musical bond was formed with musician and friend Jon 'Majestic' Laine, from their overflowing admiration for the styles of JDilla. With the help of Majestic and his knowledge of music, TFox broadened his horizons. From long nights of hard work and determination, TFox brings you The Music. Enjoy!

Here for more info

He also did the Durty Truth intro and has our very own Mike Turner on the cover
support the good music movement!!!!!!!!


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